Mix and Match

Design and Development

After 3 years of design and development and a test subject with a habit of chewing, the end result harness comes in 3 separate components that are totally detachable and easy to adjust and replace.

Component names

Reflecting the heavy influence of horse harnesses on the design of our dog harness, the components are named after the corresponding horse harness pieces; Saddle, Girth, and Breast plate. 


Because every dogs life takes them to different places, they all need different things out of their harness, so the pads are available in a wide of fabrics. From water proof nylon, classic tweeds, to summery bright cottons. 

The full range of fabrics and sizes will be available soon

Until the full range is up and available please don't hesitate to contact us to for a competitive quote on a Made to Measure harness, or shop online in our Off the Peg section.