The Harness Range

The Original

All of the Oliver's Wardrobe products trace their development back to this point. The Original harness is still the best seller as it was developed to be the right weight and strength for most dogs.  But don't worry, there is a range of fabric choices and the choice of two different fastening methods to make sure your harness is exactly what you want.

Prices start from £20 for an "off the peg"  harness, and £25 for a "made to measure".

Fast clip fastenings

All of the sizes are available with a choice of quick release clips or buckles on the girth, Velcro or buckles on the breast plate, and there is also a choice of keepers or Velcro all round to keep things neat. 

Traditional buckle fastenings

Traditional buckles add a little more security to the harness so would always be advised for a larger dog. 

Due to the extra work involved there is and addition charge of £3 to add buckles to your "made to measure" harness.

The Feather Weight

Feather Weight

If your dog is small, fine, or you would just prefer a slightly more elegant harness, you can choose to have a feather weight harness. All sizes can be available in this new weight, but we advise if your dog weighs more than 6KGs, then stick to the standard weight for the sake of comfort and safety.

Prices start from £15 "Off the peg" and £18 "Made to measure". 

The Original Extra

The Original with something a little extra to keep the more slippery customers extra secure. 

Prices starting from £28 "Off the peg" or £33 "Made to measure"

A subtle second girth is placed behind the primary girth to go at the back of the ribcage helping to prevent the harness from slipping forward over the dogs head. Ideal for sight hounds and as seen here on a Yug, as any of the pug body type breeds or crosses can be rather tricky in more ways than one. 

How to buy

"Off the peg" Shop

The "Off the peg" shop is the easy way to buy an Oliver's Wardrobe product. simply brows and buy.  Don't forget to keep an eye out for sale items.

"Made to measure" Order

To arrange a consultation or get a quote for a made to measure item please contact Russ (by pressing the button below) and he will talk you through the options.