Harness and How it works

Choose the size of each components

By making each component of the harness fully detachable, we have been able to compile a system of buying that ensure that you get the best fit for your dogs shape and needs. Each component is available in a range of sizes and with a choice of fastenings, with the added advantage that if a component gets damaged (chewed by a naughty dog) it can be replaced without having to pay for a whole new harness. 

Choose fastenings

All of the sizes are available with a choice of quick release clips or buckles on the girth, Velcro or buckles on the breast plate, and there is also a choice of keepers or Velcro all round to keep things neat. 

Choose a fabric

With a wide range of fabrics from Tweed to durable waterproof Nylon. there is a fabric in a colour to suit anyone, and if we don't have it in stock we will get it in for you. Just check the Fabrics page for details on what is currently available.

Choose a weight

Feather Weight or Standard

If your dog is small, fine, or you would just prefer a slightly more elegant harness, you can choose to have a feather weight harness. All sizes can be available in this new weight, but we advise if your dog weighs more than 6KGs, then stick to the standard weight for the sake of comfort and safety.

The component names and sizes


The saddle is the main part of the harness and as so is massively important that it is correctly fitted. with






there is a saddle to fit any dog. and always remember, if you don't think any of the "Mix and Match " will give the best fit for your dog, we can always make to measure. 


Following the horse harness theme, the girth joins the two sides of the saddle and gives adjustment as we all know that even the best of us have expanding waist lines.





with at least 3" of adjustment, there will be girth to comfortably fit your dog.  

Breast plate

Taking the vast pressure of the dogs strength, and holding the saddle in place, the breast plate goes across the chest from one side of the saddle to the other. Adjustment of the breast plate is crucial to prevent rubbing, so the breast plate has a massive 4" adjustment as well as being available in a huge range of sizes. With a range from 8"-22" in 2" increments we can construct a harness to fit almost any dog from our mix and match range.

How to order

Step 1; Measure your dog,

To get the harness that fits it makes sense to start with the dog not the harness, so we need 3 measurements. Using the above pictures to help.

Measurement 1; measure from point A to point B over your dogs back.

Measurement 2; measure from point A all the way round to point A again.

Measurement 3; measure from point A to point B around the front of your dogs chest.

Step 2; Contact us with your measurements,

We are ready and waiting to help. If you send us the 3 measurements we will work out what combination of component sizes will best fit, let us know what fastenings you would like and choose from the fabrics on the fabric page, payment can be made through PayPal and then 3-5 working days later (unless other wise stated) the postman will bring your dogs new harness.