Fabric choices

How to choose your fabric

Different conditions demand different fabrics, if you go for lots of muddy walks or swims in the sea, then a pale cotton is probably not going to cut the mustard. But if you are looking for something smart and fashionable then perhaps a basic waterproof nylon wouldn't compliment your Gucci bag. So think about the job you want the harness to do before you order your harness.  

3 main types of fabrics

Currently we have Wool (tweeds and tartans), Waterproof Nylon, and fun summery cottons available. Below will be close ups of each fabric to try to give you the best possible idea of colour and texture. All the fabrics we used are chosen to be as soft as possible to make the harnesses comfortable. 


Blue and Brown (N'o 101)

Olive Green (N'o 102)

Blue and Red (N'o 103)

Red and Cream (N'o 104)

Colours may vary slightly due to lighting when photographed.

New extra durable

To compliment the new coat collection we have sourced a new range of  acrylic tweeds that are machine washable and very quick drying to give a smart look with a modern practicality

Light Cotton

Blue Seaside (N'o 201)

Blue Butterflies (N'o 203)

Pink Daisy (N'o 204)

Cream Tea Party (N'o 205)

Colours and lighting

Due to the lighting of the close up photographs, the colours turn out slightly muted, the above picture gives a closer representation of the colours. 


Black (N'o 301)

Quality, textured, water proof nylon, perfect for every day use and muddy walks. 

Brown (N'o 302)

Bright Orange (N'o 304)

This particular colour is very bright and there for ideal for High Visibility harnesses and coats.

The webbing straps are available in Black or Olive Green