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Dog Accessories

Quick Clip Collar (Image to follow)

Simplicity at its finest! At Oliver's Wardrobe we believe strongly that a collar is for a dog tag and a harness is for walking your dog with. so the ultra simple Quick Clip collar features a clip and a webbing loop for the tag and that is that. 

Available in Feather Weight or Original and the length of your choice, it's a stylish, cheap, and effective way to stay legal.

Prices Starting from £8

Multi functional Lead

Available in the usual Feather Weight and Original, the multi functional lead is invaluable. with a trigger clip at either end and a series of carefully places loops down the length of the lead you can do anything from securely clip your dog to your chair leg while you are sat having coffee out and about, to walk two dogs on one lead. It is  far more than just a lead.

Prices starting from £10 

Classic Lead

The Classic Lead is, simply but effective available in Feather weight (10mm) or Original (20mm), and what ever length you choose. You get a trigger clip at one end and a hand loop at the other (I did say it was simple). 

Prices start from £8 

Classic Collar (image to follow)

The Classic Collar features the traditional buckle design with a small loop to hang a tag from, available in Feather weight or Original, and the length of your choice. 

Prices starting from £10

Canicross Lead

Ideal for Canicross or people who walk out on the roads a lot, this specially designed lead features 2 extra strong carabiner, a hand loop and a small amount of elastication can be added to give a little dampening if required. 

Prices starting from £15

People Accessories

Canicross Belt

Our Canicross belt is a little different, with a 4 point adjustment system the belt is designed to sit on your hips as close to your centre of gravity as possible, keeping you upright and your dog safe. The large central D ring on the front should keep twisting to a minimum keeping you comfortable.   

These belts are ideal for Canicross, people walking large dogs, or people who may require hands free walking. 

Prices start from £20 and are made to measure only. pockets can also be added to the bum section if requited.   

Harness Wash Bag

All of our harnesses come with a wash bag from new, but if you require a replacement, they are available for £3 including P&P

How to buy

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The "Off the peg" shop is the easy way to buy an Oliver's Wardrobe product. simply brows and buy.  Don't forget to keep an eye out for sale items.

"Made to measure" Order

To arrange a consultation or get a quote for a made to measure item please contact Russ (by pressing the button below) and he will talk you through the options.