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The Story

In the beginning

In the beginning there was Oliver, he was a poorly pup. At a relatively early age Oliver started to display symptoms of Syringomyelia (SM). At this point we were given some advice that seemed odd, but it has worked for 8 years now "take his collar off".  This reduces the pressure on the back of the neck, and has helped Little Oliver.

The problem

Now at this point it is worth noting something, Oliver is rather slight in stature, weighing in a just 5Kgs. so trying to find a harness for him was tricky at the best of times, but trying to find one that was soft enough for his Tags to be attached to all the time, and that did not applying any pressure infant of his shoulder blades, was almost impossible. 

The Solution

At this point I did what any one would do that had trained to be a Saddler and Harness maker. I went straight to the drawing board, drawing inspiration from horse harness construction, and decades of dog ownership. The Oliver's Wardrobe Original Harness was born. 

Our Products


The start point to our company and the product range. 

We have two different weights, numerous different fabrics, and countless size options from our unique construction 

Leads and Collars

Available in all the fabrics that the harnesses are available in, the two different weights, and two different lead designs. there is a combination to suit any dog. 


A ever expanding range of accessories is available to match, compliment, and contrast with your harness, lead, and or harness. 

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