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The story behind the harness

It all started with Oliver

When Oliver was just 3 he was diagnosed with the early onset of Syringomyelia, we were advised by specialists that removing his collar may help to ease the episodes (which it very much has). His very slight body type at only 5KG and his delicate disposition made finding an alternative quite difficult. 

Finding an alternative

After a couple of years of hunting around and spending a substantial amount of money on harnesses we couldn't find anything that fit and was comfy enough for Oliver to wear most of the time, as i have always felt it is important that your dog wears tags, even before it was law....... so I got my pencil and my sewing machine and started working. 

The Harness

With a background in saddlery as well design, I decided to start designing a harness from scratch using Carriage driving harnesses and working heavy horse harnesses as an influence, looking at the way dogs move and where pressure is applied. After around 2 years of development a final design was reached. 

About Us

Hand Made for a perfect fit

Because every single dog is individual and has a unique shape, our harnesses can be made to exact sizes to get the perfect fit. Our  three piece construction with extensive size options  creates a fit that will compliment any dog. 

Hand Made for beautiful quality

Each harness made by Oliver's Wardrobe is individually constructed to ensure that the highest of standards are consistent through out the whole of the product. 

Hand Made for superior comfort

The unique design of our harnesses ensures that each component moves individually to reduce friction from rubbing. To make doubly sure that the harness is as comfortable as possible all of the contact points are padded with a 4 layer pad. 

Contact Us

You can always come and meet us

If you are not sure that our harnesses will suit your dog and yourself, why not come and meet us and try one out? We live next to the park and miles of rural foot paths so come and borrow a trial harness and we can all go for a walk. 

Visit by appointment only.

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